Kimray’s response to the coronavirus COVID-19

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Energy is essential 

As the federal government describes it, the energy industry is essential to the functioning of our country. While some businesses have been forced to close during this challenging season, the energy industry will continue to move forward for the good of our nation and its citizens.

As a manufacturer of energy products, Kimray will continue to operate to fulfill our responsibility to the industry we support and the communities we serve.

While things have changed rapidly in recent days, Kimray Manufacturing and all of our regional stores will remain open during this time.

How do we keep people safe? 

While we remain open, we will also continue to do our best to maintain a safe workplace today and for days to come.

We are closely monitoring the available data on COVID-19 and monitoring information and guidance from federal and state agencies. We have instituted significant process to reduce opportunities for exposure within our workplace.

These include the normal protocols of practicing social distancing, amazing changes, increased cleaning, and disinfection in both our stores and manufacturing areas.

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