The automation of the 20,000 bpd three-phase separator located in the Sacha198 Operations field of the Napo CEM river, where Bullsupply placed control valves with electro-pneumatic positioners, to give greater control to the discharge of crude, water and gas.


Automation of the second gas dehydration unit located in Bajo Alto located in the province of El Oro, in charge of the company Petroamazonas EP. Pneumatic control valves were located for the discharge of condensates, gases from the gas dehydration system and Glycol regeneration.


Carlos Casas

International Product Applications Tech. EEUU

“Kimray works together with BullSupply to help customers in Ecuador find the correct solution for their problem. They initiate trial builds so that the customer can see first-hand how our valves work in the field with similar, if not equal, conditions. One customer had them create a test spool for Kimray's Electric Pilot, High Pressure Control Valve Package, and Valvcon Actuator. After gathering the data and troubleshooting some of the issues, we were able to determine that a different valve was needed for it to work properly. Kimray greatly appreciates the partnership we have with BullSupply, and all they do to help us make a difference in the lives of our customers.”

Mago Casanova

Int’l Sales Manager, Global Excellence Supply Inc., EEUU

“For over 10 years Bull Supply has been a Preferred Customer of Global Excellence Supply, Inc. in Houston, TX. Bull Supply has stood out for its hard work and loyalty policies and honesty, always complying with its commercial commitments in a timely manner.
Global Excellence Supply Inc. will continue this great experience of providing quality products and services that Bull Supply demands and deserves. "

Matteo Cortesi

Sales Manager, Carrara, Italy

“At first I thought I had found a new client. Really, I met a family with values and goals. I am proud to be part of your trajectory. "